Ecosystems converge in Snow Hill - the Bald Cypress Swamp, Pocomoke River and Forest, beaches, Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean.

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The outdoor adventurer's paradise - kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, hiking, fishing, birding, camping, boating, swimming, cycling, and more.

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Snow Hill welcomes you as you explore our small town steeped in history, tradition, but alive with Eastern Shore culture, charm and spirit.

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Snow Hill Named One of the Country’s Top Paddling Towns

"Feeling rejuvenated and reconnected with the natural world after my morning paddle, I was sold on Snow Hill as a picturesque place for paddlers of all abilities to embark on explorations of the Pocomoke River and its tributaries," says writer Natalie Warren, in a piece she put together for Canoe & Kayak magazine called "(Next) Best Paddling Towns: Snow Hill, Md.

She came to that conclusion after spending the morning with local outdoorsman Jim Rapp kayaking Nassawango Creek and then the Pocomoke River, arriving finally in Shad Landing in Pocomoke River State Park. After lunch, she left the cypress forest waters for something a little different: the salt waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

What makes Snow Hill, Maryland, the next best paddling town? "Apart from the unique and abundant paddling opportunities, the town has plans to increase paddler amenities and roll out the red carpet for locals and visitors recreating in the area, she writers. Those plans include increased camping opportunities, an interactive website geared toward outdoor recreational users, and a Pocomoke River Sojourn event to encourage more people to paddle the full length of the river. Snow Hill also plans to open a local brewery and other paddler-friendly businesses that would contribute to the trail town experience." 

Warren gives a number of other day-trip paddling ideas from Snow Hill, and she also clues you into some of the top places to eat and find live entertainment in the small town in Worcester County. You can read the full, original article on the Canoe & Kayak magazine website here. 


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